Mining Law

While Mining Law has its roots in the history of the development of the West when the US Government was encouraging the discovery and development of minerals on public lands, it has real application today. Whether you have patented or unpatented lode or placer claims, issues can arise that require legal assistance.

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In areas where minerals are being developed, claim jumping can be a real problem. Often, these problems involve poorly defined claim boundaries, but other times, outright theft is involved. Access is often an issue, whether it involves a private landowner who is having his land illegally crossed to access a claim, or a mining claim owner who needs to gain access to his claim.

Mining Law is a complex subject and while it is relatively easy to look on the internet to get some general information about some issues, it is a subject that quickly become overwhelming. It can involve Federal and State Statutes, Federal and State cases on issues specific to mining, laws and cases involving real property and issues of easements, divided and undivided interests, adverse possession, rights of condemnation and many more.

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Whether you are mining for aquamarine on Mount Antero, looking for amazonite in Teller County, digging for turquoise in Saguache County or looking for gold, if you have an issue involving Mining Law that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to call. We just may be able to help you.