Making a bad situation worse

We had an incident at the office last week that is a perfect example of making a bad situation worse. Someone ran into a parked car belonging to someone in our office. They did quite a bit of damage and to make matters worse, they left the scene at a high rate of speed. While we were unaware of the collision at the time of the incident, a number of people in the area witnessed the aftermath of the accident and a person was quickly apprehended.

Hitting a parked car because you are texting or adjusting your radio is usually charged as Careless Driving, a 4 point traffic offense. Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit & Run) is a 12 point traffic offense, a major traffic violation. Be smart. Don’t make matters worse for yourself, and remember, it is much harder to get away with “stuff” in a small town. You just don’t have the anonymity you do in a big city.